What is the Purpose of our Individual Unique Identity? 

Discover your Unique Health Blueprint

STOP Making Costly Health Choices

Seminar by Dr. Kalpna Ranadive

Discover vedic health System NOT used by Modern Doctors

That Has been time tested & Proven to Work for over 10,000 years  

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A simple fact of Not Knowing the difference

between need and want might just be your

# 1 reason for all your health problems! 



Make Clearly Confident Health Choices


Are you giving your body what it truly NEEDS at YOUR cellular level


Are you giving your body what you “THINK” it may WANT!

Do you have a system that  Verifies and Auto-Corrects Your health Choices when circumstances change?

Do have a System with an Auto-Adapting health toolbox available on demand 24/7?

Are you Looking for time tested health sustaining methods 

What is the Significance of Our Uniqueness Factor? 

Human Body has multiple Biological Markers that are distinctly unique and specific to that individual only.


Fingerprints, DNA, Facial structures, Bite marks are just to name a few.



In the event of an untimely death, forensic pathologist can accurately identify any body based on many such Unique Individual Identifiers.


Now just like these external unique identifiers, human beings are also armed with unique health identifiers. The same identifiers which human body uses to communicate, heal and restore itself 24/7.

All these unique identifiers operate within a Master Individual Blueprint that is unique and specific to each of us.


Every day Trillion+ activities take place within our Unique Master Blueprint.




Without our Unique Master Blueprint, our heart would stop beating, our kidneys and lungs will fail, and our mind will simply shut down. 


Because our cells would NOT have a roadmap upon which they can communicate with each other.

This roadmap, framework or blueprint, whatever you want to call it, is what gives us our identity. Our individual unique identity that comprises everything from our fingerprint, to DNA to even our Unique Healing or death code.

Within the confines of our Unique Master Blueprint, multiple individual blueprints are operational at any given time. For e.g: We all have a health blueprint, wealth blueprint, relationship blueprint, success blueprint and so on.


Now amongst all the blueprints that we as individuals operate on, our Unique Health Blueprint is by far the most important one. Why?

Because no matter how successful or financially rich or happy in love you maybe, if your health goes down, everything else suffers along with it.

Using our Individual Unique Health Blueprint, our cells plan out the next steps or ingredients they need to either heal or begin addressing the problem. 


This one well known but ignored fact by even the best professionals is the key to reversing all disease causing imbalance in the body

Our Unique Health Blueprint is the foundational key infrastructure for all inner and outer world communications. The uniqueness within our individual health blueprint is what makes us all react, heal and rejuvenate completely different than one another.

Take this situation for  an example.


Take two people and put them in the same room and turn up the heat. 


One person may begin to sweat and get thirsty very quickly 





while the other maybe perfectly happy or

may even feel cold in that hot room.



This is because each of our unique health blueprint assesses its OWN needs based on its internal health quality, disease status, tissue blockages and more. Based on what is happening on the inside, our body then sends out alerts to the outside for us to take care of its internal needs.


So in this case,

one person may want to put their jacket on while the other may say, “get me out of here”!

The fact is we all react differently to every situation because we are all Unique!

Countdown to Discovering your Unique Health Blueprint


Here is a Problem completely missed by many people

#1 cause of disease propagation and untimely death in any body is ignorance!  Most people get through their lives, completely unaware of the existence of such an Unique Health Blueprint within them!  As such, out of pure ignorance, all their health decisions come from BLIND HEALTH CHOICES

 further opening an unchartered portal of errors and unruly consequences.  


Most people do Not Know the difference

between their body's True Cellular need &

Continue to give the Body what they THINK it wants!!



You could spend thousands of dollars and countless hours and $$$ on growing or sourcing organic food

or go find the best holistic doctors or even on fancy health gadgets


But the fact remains that

if the choice you make is NOT in SYNC with your unique health blueprint

you will create an ongoing health deterioration ultimately leading you into disease.  

So if you are looking for long term health solution and wondering why you have been failing

or simply want to be proactive before your health fails,

then it’s time for you to find out your own Unique Health Blueprint.

Once you Discover your Unique Health Blueprint

Every health choice you make will be in Sync with what your body truly needs

further speeding up your healing and rejuvenation.


Find out how you can unlock your own Unique Health Blueprint in less than 3 days!


Here is What you will learn

Day 1:  The Foundations

Foundational Principles,Simple Wisdom, Definite Must Know

1.     Foundational Principles within Ayurveda, Chinese and Tibetan Healing approach.

2.     How Every Individual Unique Health Blueprint is Mother Nature’s Key to Human Evolution

3.     Must understand this “One” Powerful Solution to current Flaws in Health Standardization

4.     Easy but must learn 3 Keys to Custom Health

5.     Crimes against wisdom and body – Addressing the criminal mind downward spiral - How your casual unheeding could sabotage your body!

6.     Disconnect between what you give but what your body is asking for?

7.     The Uniqueness factor – Curse or a Blessing

8.     Custom Health Toolbox Solution

Day 2:  DIY Health Blueprint

Roadmap to Discovering your Individual Unique Health Blueprint

Creating your own Custom Health Toolbox for Life!  DIY protocols

1.     Guided Discovery of  your Individual Unique Health Blueprint

2.    Learn the Basics of Ayurvedic/Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

3.    Unlock your Health Blueprint in Real time

4.    Locate your Detox, Rejuvenation Channel Blockages.

5.    Find your Blocked Gross layer(s)

6.    Locate your individual Tissue Blockages

7.     Locate your current status on your individual imbalance ladder.

8.    Locate your current disease progression status

9.    Understand the 5 needs to Survive and Thrive

10.  Understand the Ping Factor and how to effectively use it.

11.   Respecting Time and Making Mindful Choices

Day 3:  Custom Guided Health Blueprint

Solutions Keeper – Guided Health Toolbox Creation with DFY protocols

Custom Guided Health Toolbox for Life!  Protocols

1.     Learn about 20+ ready to implement solutions in real time.

  • a.     Powerful solutions that will help you halt your progressing Imbalance
  • b.     Powerful solutions that will reverse your downward Health spiral 
  • c.     Learn how to kick it up from Thriving to Self-evolved new you.

2.     Create your own custom Individualized Automation Routine

  • a.      Create your own daily, Seasonal and Yearly Routines 
  • b.     Assess, Intervene, tweak and Re-Correct Course

3.     Individualize – Weed, Seed, Feed Harvest

  • a.     Individual Detox Customization 
  • b.    Generate Individualized Nutrition blueprint 
  • c.    Individualized Rejuvenation Protocol 
  • d.     Daily Detoxification Routines and Monitoring Tools

4.     Group Interactions help speed healing faster than doing it only on your own.

5.     Tap into High Speed Detox, Rejuvenation Auto-piloted Healing Protocols 

Are you REady to give your body what it truly NEEDS at its cellular level?

Cost of Seminar 

Each day is a Sequential Building up to Final Blueprint Customization 

Day 1:  Foundations


Date: May 31, 2019  5-7pm 

June 7, 2019  5-7pm

Online Access to Foundations Course Only

Learn Ancient Wisdom Health Blueprint Foundations

Solution to Flaws in Modern Health Care 

Learn 3 Keys to Custom Health 


Discover various MUST KNOW components of Your Health Blueprint

and more......

Day 2: DIY Health Blueprint


Date: July 20, 2019  Time: 9-5pm 

Hands on DIY and Guided Discovery of Your Health Blueprint 

Learn Basic Technique of Ayurvedic and Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

Locate your Current Disease Status and areas of Blockages lead you towards your impending disease

Discover the process to reverse your imbalancing downward spiral. 


Learn How to Halt disease progression and reverse early disease trends

Discover simple basic tools to available for free within your body that you can begin using right away. 

Under the Ping Factor and how you can use it to master your healing processes 


and much more......

Day 3: Your Custom Guided Health BluePrint


Date: July20, 2019  Time: 9-4pm 

Create your Own Health Toolkit to Match with Your newly discovered Unique Health Blueprint

Learn Step by Step how you can Create an ever evolving Daily Automated Disease Prevention ToolKit

Learn 20+ Ready to Use Disease Prevention Solutions. 

Personal Customization in individual and Group Setting

Create a Customized Disease prevention, halting and reversal plan for long term.  From Seasonal, yearly to daily solutions, you can choose how fast or slow you want to progress. 

Basic individual customization for detoxification, nutrition, rejuvenation and anti-aging. 

Please Note Day 2 Attendence is required to access Day 3. 

If you cannot attend Day 3 on same weekend, option to attend the next available  Day 3 weekend is possible.

any other questions please call our 301-738-1074.

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About Dr. Kalpna Ranadive

Kalpna Ranadive, DMD, NMD, MDS IBDM. is an American Board Certified Integrative Biologic Dentist and Naturopathic Practitioner. She brings the depths of her unique expertise in ancient wisdom from across the globe, especially Ayurveda and blends it masterfully with modern high tech digital technology. She believes our choices define the consequences in our life and that our inner resources are more powerful that outer dependence of all our actions combined.


"Sync with Nature & Cherry Pick the Best Technology to Individualize Your Needs" 


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